Mission Statement:

About Us:

In 1968, Fritz and Annette Schnepf purchased a grain elevator from the local Farm Bureau Co-op in the small town of Shideler, Indiana. Over fifty years later, Shideler Grain Company stands tall as a family-operated, customer service-oriented grain marketing company.

When it began in 1968, Shideler Grain had just under 20,000 bushels of storage, with 2 truck dumps, a Sheller, a cob pile and a rail siding that held four box cars. However, our growth over the years has brought with it many changes.

Today, under the management of their son, David, the storage capacity is over 1,700,000 bushels in 24 bins with a range of 800 to 500,000 bushels per bin. All of this except the original workhouse is aerated.  We now have two additional receiving dumps and can unload trucks simultaneously in three different locations for a total of 23,000 bushels per hour rated capacity. Our facilities also include two grain dryers that have a rated through put of 800 and 2500 bushels per hour. Our rail shipping can now load a 50 jumbo hopper car grain train in a single work shift.

What do all of these changes mean?

Put simply, we have improved our operations over the years so that we can continue to provide a superior quality of product and service. For information on how we can help you manage your grain marketing needs to optimize your benefits, call or e-mail us today.

We are a Licensed Federal Warehouse and members of National Grain & Feed Association, Indiana Grain & Feed Association, NFIB and GEAPS.

At Shideler Grain, customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We are firmly committed to meeting the needs of the grain-marketing community, from farmers to end-users, as efficiently and effectively as possible. Exceptional service, competitive prices and excellent grain quality form the foundation of our philosophy.